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Games like golden sun

games like golden sun

I loved playing Golden Sun The Lost Age when I was a kid and I'm looking for something similar gameplay and graphics wise. Edit: forgot to. Are there any games for pc that are remotely like this? Ys and Last Remnant aren't even remotely close to Golden Sun. Frankly, there is pretty. Is there any RPG games similar like Golden Sun on the DS right now? Any time I see a Final Fantasy game I look away, they just look too  Golden Sun on the GBA. Is it really as good as they.


5 Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

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Vagrant Story is an Action Role-playing and Single-player video game created by Square Product Development. The game differed from its previous entries and divided…. Games Like The Elder Scrolls V: Blue Sphere Games Like Star Ocean Games Like Star Ocean: Games Like Suikoden 4 Games Like Suikoden 5 Games Like Wild Arms 5 Games Like Golden Sun Games Like Suikoden 3. Recettear and Fortune Summoners come to mind, and 99 Spirits and Agarest: Aside from that, you do know you can play absolutely every JRPG on PC that wasn't for PS3, X, Wii U, or 3DS right? games like golden sun


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