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Ouija board game rules

ouija board game rules

Turns out the rules for using a Ouija board are meant to be taken are only three rules to Ouija, the beloved Parker Brothers board game. Before you play the Ouija board it's important that you fully understand how by following this step-by-step 'How to Ouija' guide to the Ouija board rules. According to William Fuld (the creator of the modern day Ouija Board) there are five Ouija Board Rules to follow during a session. Whether or. Power rising higher and higher, uncontrollable, mixed with ego and angry, stress and hatred, spewing forth from the brain. What if pay safe code planchette doesn't move to "goodbye"? Whether or not Fuld made these rules so that it would facilitate safe communication on the Ouija Board is still up for debate. Ouija board experiences are occasionally extreme and should this occur you will need someone with which to support you, both during and after the occurrence. Not Helpful 4 Helpful


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