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Palestine west bank

palestine west bank

West Bank: area of the former British-mandated (–47) territory of Palestine west of the Jordan River, claimed from to as part of the Hashemite. Das Westjordanland (arabisch الضفة الغربية, DMG aḍ-Ḍaffa al-Ġarbiyya, aḍ- Ḍiffa al-Ġarbiyya, hebräisch הגדה המערבית haGada haMa'arawit) oder Westbank (englisch West Bank), auch Cisjordanien, in Israel offiziell Judäa .. IGH Legal Consequences of the construction of a wall in the occupied Palestinian territory. Zusammenfassung - West Bank League - Palästina - Ergebnisse, Spielpläne, Tabellen und News - Soccerway.

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Officeholders whose status is disputed are shown in italics. Under the Oslo Accords , the Palestinian National Authority was created to provide civil government in certain urban areas of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Obama was the first US president to formally support the policy, but he stated that it had been one long held by the US in its Middle East negotiations. The West Bank is a region west of the Jordan River in the Middle East. If that seems impossible, please czech your spelling. DE Wettbewerbe Bundesliga 2.


Palestinian Christian persecution in West Bank palestine west bank If an earlier estimated one-to-one relationship between growth and employment was to hold, this increase in GDP would lead to a 35 percent increase in employment. Archived from the original on 3 January handy downloaden Extracts from Israel and Palestine — Assault on the Law of Nations. The number of Internet users increased from 35, in toin Israeli Military Governorate and Israeli Civil Administration.

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Question of Palestine Archived 1 November at the Wayback Machine. For the historical region, see Palestine region. Hebrew and English are widely spoken. The question remains, however, whether this is of any practical value. The Palestinians and the PNA claim this region, in addition the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, as the territory of a future Palestinian state. Governorates of the Palestinian National Authority.


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