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Birf flu

birf flu

Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a viral infection that can also infect humans and other animals. Read on to learn how it's diagnosed and. Avian influenza — known informally as avian flu or bird flu — refers to "influenza caused by viruses adapted to birds." The type with the greatest risk is highly  ‎ History · ‎ Genetics · ‎ Subtypes · ‎ Spread. Bird flu, or avian flu, causes symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat. Learn about vaccination, transmission, treatment, prevention, and.

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It can also be spread through contaminated surfaces and droppings. Annual vaccinations could be a thing of the past as scientists have successfully tested vaccines on animals infected with different strains of influenza. Some potential complications include: Millions of birds have been killed during outbreaks to prevent the disease spreading and being passed on to people. Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD Dr. How Do Humans Get Bird Flu? They can get the virus from tainted surfaces, such as cages and other farming equipment. In Vietnam alone, over furth challenger million domestic birds were killed due to HPAI infection and control attempts. Foods for the Flu Slideshow: Is it possible to prevent bird flu with a vaccine? According to the World Health Organization WHOa vaccine for H5N1 exists, but it is not yet ready for widespread use. Netherlands to save US after bird flu outbreak by sending egg products.


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