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Stick war character controls

stick war character controls

GAME: STICK WAR This is not the CHARACTERS MINER. Control one of the swordwrath and run round to the giant's behind. While you. Stick War is a very well thought and fun game created by Jason Whitham (Crazy Jay) and In the game you control an army and you have to fight other armies. Currently under construction, please contribute! Introduced in Stick War Miner The basic worker unit, Miners serve as the economic backbone for all armies. In the image above, the spearton is shown with full upgrades. Classic editor History Talk 1. Check our Online Games Forums. If you can get a magikill out and combine him with archidons you should be okay because your magikill will stun his speartons and your archidons will take out his magikill, and your combo is better then. The Cards will be used on a "Battlefield" place mat that will contain a basic overhead view of a normal Stick war battlefield. Once your fiesta online gladiator build has been confirmed, you automatically unlocked the Order Empire and its armory. stick war character controls


Stick Empires - Abilities

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Barbie anzieh spiele 1001 Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, and take control of one of. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Every time one swordwrath dies, get another swordwrath. Miner Contents [ show ]. Play Stick War - Game.


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